Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ribbon Wreath 101

I am a HUGE college football fan! :) It cannot be denied and when I saw a wreath on Pinterest like the one I picture below, I could not wait to make it! So of course I had to plan my shopping trip to THE Hobby Lobby!

Not sure where to start I googled  "how to make a ribbon wreath" and came across Angie's blog at Big Bear's Wife.  So I went to the store with her suggested shopping list.  

Shopping List:
  • 7 spools of ribbon (I bought the thick ribbon--2 inch)
  • styrofoam wreath (I bought 14 inch)
  • wooden letters (spell the team or word of your choice)
  • wooden accessories (I chose football)
  • acrylic paint (your choice)
  • straight pins ( A LOT!!!!)
  • spool of tule (I later learned this and did not use it on my first wreath making experience)
I chose black paint, letters to spell OSU,
and of course a cute little football accessory!
I chose seven spools of ribbon (show above).
My favorites were the sparkles and zebra print!
I wanted a large wreath so I went with the 14 inch one.
I also bought 750 straight pins and I used so many of them.
Before I started, I divided I wanted to watch a video where someone actually made the wreath.  So I chose this one! This video helped me see what I was going to do a lot better! The first step is to cut up your ribbon.  They recommended cutting it at a specific measurement but I really did my own thing.  I made some longer than others but think that the shorter ones are important to make different sized loops.

I recommend using one pattern at a time so you are sure to space out the different patterns that you buy!  Here is what my wreath looked like after about a half hour of work.  You simply take a cut piece of ribbon and make a circle.  Simply stick a straight pink in the center of the circle and stick it into the wreath wherever you desire!  You just repeat and repeat until the wreath is full and b-e-a-utiful!

After 30 minutes of work!
Really that was all there was to it! I love it! It is really my favorite craft I've completed so far!
All of the ribbon finished!
The letters are easy...just paint and attach using a hot glue gun!

Right before I hung it up!

Just in time for the game day appearance!

My mom loved it so much she immediately went to Hobby Lobby and purchased stuff to make a Cleveland Browns wreath too! But somehow I still had to do all of the work!
I covered her wreath with tule. It made it easier to cover the whole thing!

So pretty!

And in love! <3 font="font">
The Ohio State wreath took me about 2 hours to complete from start to finish and the Browns one was over 4 hours. It definitely changed the time frame when you buy thinner ribbon, which is why I suggest the thicker ones!

Hope you like it!

That's just what Jessi is up to! :)

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