Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloweenie!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Here are some super handsome pictures of the only man in my life I can count on! :) Mr. Henry Liu! We had a photo shoot a few weeks ago to create the card (above).  He is the cowardly lion!  Sadly, it hasn't stopped raining since Friday so he will just be gracing the inside of our house with his costume. No trick or treating for us! :( But, that will not stop us from wishing you and the kiddos and furry kiddos a very Happy Halloween!
I call this is modeling pose. Fo sho.

Him with the painted pumpkins!

He is a tad slobbery some all of the time!

His pumpkin!

My pumpkin!

Staring off in the distance...wondering how much longer he will have to wear the hood!

"Come on mom...let's get a treat!"


Have you seen a cuter doggy lion?

Trick or Treat!

Henry Liu

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Sandy Inspired Weekend

With the warnings of Hurricane Sandy coming our way on Friday, I knew this weekend wouldn't be spectacular.  But to be honest I was ready for some down time, I just bargained for a little too much!  I am a girl who can get excited for rainy weather for one excuse to wear my Hunter rain boots, but three days straight without an end in sight was the slightly more than I wished for part.  Although the Ohio forecast is calling for snow on Tuesday...snow? October? Woah!

So here is my weekend via Instagram! Sit back and prepare to be...bored? LOL


My hair is finally almost long enough for a side braid! a little dance...I have been growing it out now for a year and 2 months! I really feel like 2 more inches of growth and I will be where I want to be!

My #ootd... Casual and cute in my opinion :)  Scarf: Old Navy (not sold on-line) Jeans: Rock Star Skinnies from Old Navy Jacket: Rock Star Demin Jacket from Old Navy Flats: Lucky Brand (bought at TJ Maxx) Rug: Ikea :)

I also painted my nails for Halloween.  Although it looks like we won't get to celebrate with all the rain and snow coming! Boo!  Loreal nail color: boozy brunch #102, Color Club: Status Uptade #968, top coat: Sech Vite

I woke up on Saturday after 11 hours of sleep (yessss!) and started my day using my new Keurig! I had some warm apple cider. I will be honest it was just OK...definitely not in the same ranks as Tim Horton's but cool how fast it was made! Do you have any recommendations for K Cups? I am dying to know the ins and outs.

Even though Sandy was making game day rainy,  I still had to support my undefeated Buckeyes! So I paired my new Campus Couture hoodie with leggings and Hunter boots! I ran some errands aka shopped and then settled in for the big game against PSU...we won! :)

I stopped in TJ Maxx to see what was new. I do peruse their stores quite often.  I tried on this number by Willi Smith.  I really liked the skirt but I wasn't sure about the top.  I was looking for something nice to wear for parent teacher conferences (which are this week :( ) I decided to get the skirt and skip the top.  Did I make the right decision?

My favorite part of the night is cuddling with Mr. Henry Liu.  Lately he has been WAY more cuddly than normal. And I will take it.  He is actually napping on my feet as I type! Growing up I always wanted a cat or dog that would just do what I wanted, which was spoon in bed and enjoy it.  I have NEVER had a dog, cat boyfriend that would do this with me.  So on Saturday I enjoyed it while it lasted.


Henry and I became officially sick of the rain come Sunday. One of his favorite things to do is sit on the front porch in the fall because it is not hot.  Plus I can prop the screen door open and let him in and out when he likes.  We both have been cooped up in the house since Friday! Boo!  I found him pondering out the window today and I just could tell what he was feeling--boredom swallowed by more boredom.

I figured I couldn't be completely lazy all day.  So I cleaned.  Yes. Dusted. Vacuumed.  Laundry.  The whole nine yards.  However, my furry friend was not having it at all.  He planted himself in our unmade bed and would not budge.  Until I chased him with the vacuum. LOL. Revenge. There are two things in the world that Henry hates. #1 Vacuum. #2 Broom.

I also decided to bake. I am not going to post a recipe because you have to buy the stuff from WS but it was SO good.  I have already made arrangements to buy more packages! Yum!


I of course ended my weekend with a new episode of Homeland. O.M. G. Do you watch!? :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Urban Outfitters, I am so glad I stopped into your store last Sunday. I absolutely love my new double infinity scarf. I am wearing it right now as I type and already have gotten 4 compliments today! :)

Dear Anne, Thank you for talking to me last night! Although I shed some tears throughout our text sess, I really think you had good things to say to me.  Things that hit home.  I sort of feel like I have a plan or the plan before the plan! :) Thanks for being a good cuz!

Dear Weekend, I am excited for you I must say.  This is the first weekend in 7 weeks that I do not have to travel over an hour away for a wedding, a party, a game, a concert, to see a friend, etc. I cannot wait to just let the day decide itself.  Bring on laziness and relaxation--in any form. I am ready.

Dear Grey's Anatomy, Thank you for not making me cry last night. It was still a solid episode but a night without tears over McSteamy was appreciated.

Dear Snow, You are anticipated already for next week! It was 80 all week, how can that be so? But I will take it.  Maybe a day off work...ahhh wishful thinking!

Dear Whitney, Thanks again for designing my blog.  Words cannot express how happy it makes me.  I just like pulling it up and staring at it! :)


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gettin' Whitty With It! :)

Bloggy friends! I have great news! Look around, check it bloggy world just got Whitty With It!!!

created and powered by iworeyogapantstowork

Do you like what you see? I am in love.  Seriously as I told Whitney, I have played for hours and hours trying to get the design to be what I envisioned. And truthfully the more blogs I began to read and follow, the more envious I became that my blog wasn't as snazzy, or cute, or fantastic as others.

So I posted a blurb about a month ago about how I needed a change...and the feedback I received was to shop on Etsy. Most of what I found were pre-made designs that I thought were cute but not just WOWing me.

Back to the drawing board I believed.  One night I was reading a blog, which linked me to another blog, and again again until I found Whitney.  I always read the About Me and bio information because I peruse a blog.  I want to see if I can identify with the girl before I commit to being a follower.

I laughed out loud mind you a few times reading what I saw.  Go check her out if you do not already follow her.  As I was stalking checking her blog out, I found a page for her blog design.  I decided I would take a chance and e-mail her to see what she thought.  She is so charismatic that I instantly knew she had to design my spot.

A few e-mails, questions, and g-chats later...look what she gave me! :)  The design is to die for (in my humble opinion) and the price is reasonable and worth it.

We even chatted about life and our little bloggy world that I am not sure where I would be without at this point!  So needless to say, Whitney...
thank you

I really appreciate your helpfulness, your creativity, and humorous personality!  You rock girl!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I am gonna find my PURPOSE!

You will have to ignore my soapbox post today, but I have to get this off my chest.

Have you seen Avenue Q? If not, you must drop what you are doing.  Go to the site and find out when it will be in a city near you! If it is not coming by you, I suggest booking your flight, head straight to NYC and go to off broadway to see this adult puppet musical.

With that being you ever feel like you do not have a purpose? And I do not mean in the general sense.  But are just not 100% happy with your day to day life.  Maybe it is your city. Maybe it is your job. Your friends. Family. Car. Pet. Dinner. Whatever...but for me it is the job.

I have been a "real" adult for 10 years now. Wow, that is scary to write down and look at. And as pathetic lame sad true as it is. I would hands down go back to college in a heart beat. I would not need to pass Go. I would not need to collect $200. I would go back and live there and be me at age 18-21 all over again.  31 is not all that it is cracked up to be.

See how I am connecting all of this to Avenue Q? It is like the musical was written for me.  Last year, my friend and I travels to NYC for Labor Day weekend and we decided upon this musical.  It was an odd feeling between that scary smile that never leaves your face because you are having such a good time and because it hits home so hard.  I definitely lurvvvved the show. But it spoke to me also.

It is not hidden fact that I have bounced around for the past 10 years.  After college, I worked at home for 3 years...and then finally decided to do something for me. I packed up and moved to Washington DC.  I was there for a total of 4 years because I hit rewind on life's DVR and came back to Ohio. That story is another longer post for another time the vault.

Like I said this is year 10 and as each year creeps up, I find myself more unhappy. I do not want to paint the picture that I am this miserable person. Because I am not. I am a busy, social, traveling person. I absolutely love life, just not Monday-Friday 5:30am-4pm.  But the real question is what to do about that.

In this day and age, a salary is a must. Well, I guess it always has been a must. But I would definitely need the means that I am making now. But with a degree in English Education...what else can I do?

I googled this for a couple hours recently and most people go into writing, insurance, sales...but blah blah blah is what my brain thinks about that. If you have any stories or ideas, my door is officially open. I am taking ideas for consideration.  Because the best I can come up with is a non-paid stay at home doggy mommy and that is definitely not going to pay this sister's car payment, insurance, or anything that shows up in my cart via Internet shopping! *Darn Pinterest!

Do you have your purpose? Where did you find it? And how much did it cost! Help a sister out! ;)

I gotta find my purpose though. I gotta find me. Where to look? What to do?

Monday, October 22, 2012

My weekend...Lindsey Lohan Hot Dog?

Hey all! I have been MIA lately and think I will be so until the latter part of this week. But I do have to share one thing from my weekend that was just to die for.

I was in Cincinnati, OH this weekend visiting one of my best friends.  On Friday night, we had bounced from cute and cozy restaurants putting in our name and being told at least a 60 minute wait.  Chris really want to try this place called Senate and low and behold they were the first to call.

60 minute wait for bar seats, but what the heck we were dying of hunger!

This restaurant is a posh hot dog restaurant.  Yes you read that correctly.  They fancify hot dogs.

After surveying the menu, I quickly decided. It was a Lindsey Lohan kind of night!

Check out the menu description!

We also ordered truffle fries! Have you jumped on the Truffle Oil train? Man oh man...I first was smitten with Truffle Mac and Cheese and now fries. Big. Life. Changer.

So anyways, hands down it was the best hot dog I have ever eaten.  I did not watch one single bite.  And I am even planning on trying to recreate it sometime for dinner.

It was delish. Kudos to Chris for picking a great spot for dinner!

That's...just what Jess is up to :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

WIWW: What I Wore Wednesday

Hey all...I am linking up with the Pleated Poppy today for the What I Wore Wednesday link up!

pleated poppy

Boots :: Franco Sarto :: Macy's :: Similar
Leggings :: APT 9 :: Kohl's :: Similar
Dress :: Derek Heart :: Kohl's :: Buy it here!
Scarf :: Old Navy :: Circa 2005? I couldn't find a similar one! Sorry!

The boots are my absolute favorite riding boots I own.  Yes, I own three pairs.  Last March, I was able to score them at Macy's for 50 dollars!!! And if you checked out the link you can see it was a heck of a steal!  I just recently bought the dress and I am kicking myself for not getting another color.  Well, I guess it is not too late, I could still go get it!  Any hooooooo, I love fall and I love the clothes that the weather brings.  :)

PS Fashionistas!  I am looking for a great grey scarf.  I have been hunting like it is my job!  Here is the one on Pinterest that I found that I would love to own...but of course the link doesn't take me to the correct picture! Boo!  

If you have seen one similar, do tell!

That's..just what Jess is up to :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday10: Favorite eCards


I saw this link up a few minutes ago and got a good laugh out of I thought hey why now? I should link up! I had to keep it clean...can't mess around with my day job! But luckily I had over ten of these puppies pinned! :)

here we go..

Do you like eCards? If so, link up too!

That's...just what Jess is up to! :)

Weekend Update: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

I am here to update you on my exciting, jam packed weekend...but just a day later than I had planned! 

I had mentioned that I was attending the Brad Paisley, The Band Perry, and Scotty McCreery concert last week.  Let me tell you. It is AHmazing! I had a great time.  Country concerts = my element.  I told a friend at work on Monday...I would live in a country concert if I could.  They just instantly put me in a good mood and I literally enjoy every second of the event and DEFINITELY do not want the night to end.

The show started off with Scotty.  I loved him on American Idol.  However, I thought he was a boring entertainer, but the boy was 16 so I can't judge!  He has learned SO much in the last year and half! He is adorbs!  His set was my 2nd favorite! :)  I am not a huge The Band Perry fan.  Don't get me wrong, they have some fun and romantic songs...but I just wasn't excited about seeing them.  However, I have to be honest here...they were entertaining.  Unfortunately, I would have rather of listened to Scotty too Hotty a little longer.

My FAV part of the night you ask?  Mr. Brad. Paisley.  He is AMAZING...actually beyond amazing.  If you dig country tunes, you MUST rain do not pass GO or collect $200 to get a tickey to his next show.  In my opinion, he is the best male entertainer out there.  His guitar collection is enough to amaze you.  He also has great songs, a staple of the "country" in every tune, and involves everyone in the arena no matter how cheap of a seat you have!   Here are some of my favorite shots from the night!

My mom and I before the concert! :)

I forgot to mention I was in the second row! :) Hi Scotty!

Oh yeah...that's head and hand...I got to shake his hand! :)

The silhouette before Brad took the page...all from coo;!

 Mr. Brad Paisley!

Brad getting ready to "jump" into his pretend water on his way off the stage!
Everyone joined Brad on stage for the encore! It was so fun!

A quick note...Saturday was just as fun...but I didn't take as many pictures.  My mom and I went to the Ohio State Buckeyes Football game vs. Nebraska.  The game was intense as times and ended up to be a blow out.  My seats didn't allow me to as cool of pictures as I did a couple of weeks ago.  But hey, I was a lot closer this time and sat around some energetic, cool fans!
Mom and I in the stands :)

Student section!

My way cool socks! :) Love em?  Check out Grace & Lace on etsy!
Hands down the band is phenomenal! They dedicated their routine to video games and created the shapes on the field!

Star power from Super Mario Brothers!

The horse from Zelda..they moved their bodies around to make the horse move too!

Great game! O-H!

Sunday was a movie kinda day so I met a couple friends to see Pitch Perfect.  I heart Glee. I heart musicals.  I heart The Sing Off. So this movie was my kind of movie.  I laughed every single time Rebel Wilson opened her mouth. Literally.  The song performances made me want to sing, dance, and stand and clap! Loved it!

That's...just what Jess is up to! :)