Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY Christmas Card Holder & Display

Every year I plaster the front and sides of our refrigerator with Christmas and holiday cards from family and friends.  But this year, I knew I needed to make something to display them because we got a brand new stainless steel fridge and I didn't want to plaster it up!

So as always I headed to Hobby Lobby to scoop up some supplies for a quick DIY craft that wouldn't take a ton of time.  So I didn't make everything from scratch, but I did use my handy dandy glue gun!

Step 1: You will need ribbon. I already had these three left over from a wreath I made last year so I decided to recycle them!

Step 2: Buy something to be the "base" of your display.  I got a cute green and red board (which I was a bad blogger and didn't take a before picture of).  You will then use your hot glue gun to adhere the strips of ribbon.  I used three strips--you could use as many as you would like.

Step 3: add some decoration.  I thought about painting the front of my base to show our last name, but I knew I wanted this to be quick quick.  So as I walked around Hob Lob I found this iron on Santa.  He is so cute, I just decided to glue him to my base.

Step 4: You need some clips.  My original plan was to just get baby close pins but once I saw these blinged out ones I was smitten.

Step 5: Attach your clips to the ribbons like so…

Step 6: You may not want your ribbons flying around.  To weight them down, I came up with a quick solution.  I folded up the sides of the bottom of the ribbon, but left an open slit.  

Then I slid two small round magnets into the slit and that added some weight to my ribbons.

 Step 7: Display your loved ones' cards…

That's it!  How do you display your Christmas cards?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

ModCloth & Polyvore Styled by Jess

Let's Play Dress Up...

This week I am participating in an exciting, weekly competition hosted by ModCloth calledPolyvore Outfit Challenge.  I created a look using a preselected piece from the ModCloth site.  I included the preselected piece and up to 7 more ModCloth items.  I had a ball doing this.  Not only did I get to pick out an outfit that I thought went well together, but I made the collage on Polyvore in hopes to be the winner! :)

This week the preselected piece was the winterberry tart coat by Steve Madden.  As soon as I saw the coat, I wanted it.  It is so pretty in color and style.  In my mind I saw a romantic coat to keep you warm on a beautiful starry night.    So I decided right then and there to style the coat as part of a date night look.  Drumroll please…

I love the look, don't you?  I decided to go with a girlie look as the coat as girlie fathers with the belt and fuller skirt at the bottom.  The booties are so cute with skinny jeans and that top--swoon.  I went with gold jewelry and for our a cute scarf to keep warm.

If anyone wants to take me on a date night in Paris or see lights, let me know and I will order this outfit right away! Haha.  You can check out each of the links to buy the items on my Polyvore page here.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Influenster's #RoseVoxBox

Hey friends!  Are any of you Influensters?  I know when I first learned about the site, I was clueless.  I kept seeing posts on Insta and Twitter about a so called #voxbox and being an #influenster.  So I asked around to some of my dearest bloggy friends and found out it is actually a really cool, fun, free program!

You cannot pass up cool items that you can have fun with while it not costing you a dime! Right?

So when you join Influenster you have to take A LOT of surveys and review products but as time passes you will earn what is called a VoxBox.  This is when a pretty box shows up on your porch full of goodies for you to try and hopefully fall in love with.

The Good
I recently received the #RoseVoxBox and as always it had some goodies inside for me!  Let's take a look shall we!

The first item is Rimmel London's Scandaleyes Retro Glam mascara in black. I have never used Rimmel London's mascaras before and to be quite honest, mascara is a make up product that I struggle to find one that I love.  I will say when I first opened the package, I was taken back by the wand. IT IS HUGE.  But it turns out I like the size of the wand.  The formula is not too wet and not too dry, which i a good mixture for me.  I did not have a problem with it clumping up on me either.  I found it to do exactly what the package said: "plump and fan out" my lashes!  I have added this tool into my daily routine.  It retails for $5.99 too!

The second item is Kiss's graduation polish in 58085 MGE01.  I would call the color Starry Night if I named nail polishes for a living, but I digress.  This product has an interesting concept behind it. You paint in the order of the bottles' numbers (1-2-3) and with each layer you only paint a certain amount of your nail.  As you end the product you should be left with a gradient nail with some sparkle on the tip.  The formula of the polishes are a little thin so multiple layers were necessary.  I found it a little difficult to apply for two reasons a) my nails are short.  I hate having long nails so deciding where the gradient cut offs should be was a little hard. b) painting my right hand was B.A.D.  I did like the look on the nails that I did a good job with though.  I am not giving up on this product.  I am going to give it another whirl to see what I can do with my second go around.  This is sold at Walgreen's for $6.99.

The I'll Make Em Work
The third item is Dr. Scholl's For Her Cozy Cushions which retail for $12.49.  These are funky little cushions because they are like the inside of a pair of UGG boots.  I really like them and if my feet weren't so wide, I would have said these were GREAT.  But my feet are a tad fat if you will.  So when I put them in my riding boots, they made the boots too tight so I couldn't wear them for comfort.  However, I did have another genius idea.  I love my Hunter wellies and why not add some more comfort to an otherwise complete rubber boot!  These are supposed to add cushion while keeping your feet dry--so hey I had a good idea.  I have them inside my Huntress wellies and next time it rains, I will be good to go!

The Not So Me

I am not reviewing these two food items negatively due to their taste.  I did not taste them, I will be honest.  I do not try new things.  So if it is not something in my tastebud approval account already, then sorry it isn't happy.  Yes I am aware, I am missing out on a bunch of the world, but that is who I am.  So I will tell you about these two items but I cannot review them.

First up is the Lindt Lindor Mile Chocolate Truffle.  The package says it is smooth, melting, and luscious.  They turned me away when I read that when you break away the shell the filling starts to ooze out.  Seriously it makes me gag.  I do not like solid chocolate.  I do not like surprises.  I know I am weird, but a chocolate filled with surprise goo…not thanks.  I will be putting this treat in a basket for someone to enjoy over the holidays.  a 5.1 ounce bag will cost $3.99.

Lastly the BelVita crunchy Breakfast Biscuit is an energy source type bar with fiber and B-vitamins.  Again nothing against the bar, but just not my style.  I will put this in the basket with the chocolate goo.  You can get a box of 5 packets of 4 biscuits for $3.69.  

So that is my Rose VoxBox.  If you liked what you saw, I suggest you go to Influenster and get started.  A lot is awaiting for you!  

*These are all my own opinions.  I was paid or compensated for this post in any way.

My Lil Family of Cone Christmas Trees

I hope everyone has recovered from Thanksgiving and the turkey comas that I am sure ensued over the last week!  I enjoyed my holiday that is for sure.  My family comes to my house and we just gobble down that turkey and laugh together like we always do.  This year, one family of my cousins came down on Wednesday night so we decided to craft it up!  I had found a couple DIY pins on Pintereest that I wanted to tackle (pin 1 and 2).  The pins lacked directions that were thorough (at least for me) so I kind made it up as I went along!  I went to Hob Lob, bought my supplies, and away we went!

  • Circle Punch (we used 1.25 and 1.34)
  • Scrapbook papers (you need a lot!  we used five patterns and two glittery shades!)
  • Styrofoam cones (we bought 6 and had 2 at the house already)                                             *note to shoppers, these puppies are pricey for what they are. so I suggest watching your local craft stores for a styrofoam sale, so using coupons!
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon (of your choice! I found cute (to die for) burlap ribbon with ruffles and rhinestones!)
  • Twine

Scrapbook Covered Cone Tree
Step 1: 
Cut your circles ladies! This takes a long time.  And believe it or not, my hand hurt the next day.  Why? Well I guess a circle punch makes you use a muscle I don't usually use? IDK it was odd, but I bet I cut circles for well over an hour!

 Step 2:
Decide if you want a pattern or if you want to be random.  I suggest go random, because as you see below I went with a pattern and let me just tell you. I stuck with the pattern for two rows of my cone.  It began to be hard to see where I was in the patter and further more, I just got tired of laying it out in the right order.  lol
 Step 3:
Start gluing.  You just fold the top half of your circle, place a bit of glue on the fold and press it against the styrofoam.  I also suggest doing the first layer flat so the entire bottom is covered.  As you work your way up the cone, you may want to change angles.  I did this so you would not be able to see the styrofoam underneath the circle's too often.  This important step will take time and patience as you have to pay attention to not be repetitive with patterns and such.

Step 4:
The top.  This was tricky.  So tricky that we debated ways to top off the tree for a rather long time.  As you can see both of my scrapbook circle cone trees are topped differently.  I cannot give directions for either one as my brother made the top of one and I just kept pressing glue with circles for the second.  If you come up with a good way to top them off, do tell!

 Ribbon Covered Cone Tree
 Step 1:
Cut your ribbon to fit from the bottom to the top of your cone.  I recommend placing enough of the ribbon at the bottom that it forms a tree skirt if you will.  Ruffled ribbon (like mine) would work best for this.

Step 2:
Wrap the cone with your ribbon and secure it with either hot glue along the way or straight pins.  I used straight pins.

Twine Wrapped Cone Tree

Step 1:
Begin at the bottom of the cone, wrapping the twine around the cone--stopping to glue a few times with each rotation.  Follow my directions from this post if you need further instructions.  This one will take some time, just be patient and watch that you do not burn your fingers!  Mine were sore after making two of these!  

So there you have it.  My little family of cone Christmas trees.  I hope you try out this DIY and if you do, please share pictures with me!  Merry Christmastime!

I am back to work after having six glorious, fast days off.  The countdown for Christmas break and my holiday Vegas vacation is on: 18 days! :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Dear Friday…I Heart You!

Dear Friday…

Happy Friday everyone! Can I get a whoop whoop for the weekend finally being here? I think this week dragged for me because I am SO close to Thanksgiving break! I get 6 glorious days off from work so I am definitely anxious to see my family and eat some turkey!

Dear chalkboard prints,

I recently shared with you my love for this chalkboard prints that are all over the place on Pinterest.  Like this pin here.

Well I decided I was going to do some research so I could learn how to do it myself …and I have!  I have been busy making some and I finished one and framed it in the living room.  It looks so darn cute (if I may toot my own horn) that I wanted to share it with anyone who stops in here to read my blog.  Download it from this document below and it will print 8x10.  I just trimmed it up on the sides to get rid of the excess and framed it in a cutie-patootie wooden frame, placed it next to a candle, a sparkly reindeer, and a lamp!

Dear chalkboard banner,

Speaking of chalk I have been on an obsession trying to find a cute chalkboard to put in the kitchen and write on.  I haven't found the right one yet, but my search is not yet over either.  Have you seen one somewhere? If so, please share with me! I did however snag this chalkboard banner.  I hung it up on my fake fireplace and for now the word snow is displayed.  I will be changing it up as the creative juices decide on a new word.  Do you have any four letter word suggests? Oh, stop it.  Appropriate and holiday related please. ;)

Dear Catching Fire,

I really hope you are all that I want you to be.  I absolutely cannot wait to see it in the theater.  I have read US Weekly's special edition, which got me all pumped up and stuff to see the costumes, the make up, and the ARENA!  I am waiting until Sunday to see it, but I seriously am on pins and needles!

Well that is it today… I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and enjoy your relaxation time!  Link up with Lauren for H54F too!

 photo FFaves_zps6c1a013e.png

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gifts for Her, Under $100

I don't know about you all but I love shopping.  I actually have an unhealthy love for it.  However, when I am not shopping for myself, I feel a different joy than I feel when I find the perfect puffer vest or fabulous pair of shoes.  I feel like I am Santa myself when I pick out something that I know will bring utter joy and a huge smile on my family member's face!  

So I am planning some gift idea posts to help some shoppers out there.  I first collage is today! I have gathered several gifts for her that will cost under $100! Let's get started… 

owl hat
I would be lying if I said I didn't want this hat myself.  It is adorable.  I think it would be perfect for skiing.  Can you imagine seeing a cute lil gal heading down the slopes with this adorable owl on her head? But you don't need to be an avid skier to want this hat.  You just need to like to be cute.  So shop at Kate Spade if you know a gal that would love this hat. 

I love this tech wallet by Stella & Dot and costs $59.  I actually have carried a tech wallet by them for over a year now.  And let me admit that I have purse/wallet commitment problems.  I maybe carry a purse for a month and in the closet it goes.  I only get them back out if I truly love it.  But this wallet is SO all purpose.  There are slots for your credit cards, ID, miscellaneous cards.  There is a middle slot for your iPhone (or maybe smart phones too).  There are even two areas where you can store money, receipts, change, etc.  I think the color combo on this wallet is to die for…so cute with the dots and the stripes too.  You do need an independent consultant to order this, if you need one my roomie from college sells S&D--just let me know!  

Since it is confession time over here in my corner of the web, I already ordered this sweater for myself--oops.  I love it.  I feel like it has a lot going for it.  A) it looks so comfortable, B) it is wintery with the snowflakes, but they are also sequins (score!), C) it is perfect for holiday wear.  I haven't gotten it in the mail yet to know if I love it in real person, but I can't imagine that I won't!  Head on over to VS and order this for $80.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know my love for Alex & Ani.  I have several of the bangles with charms and beads, but this lil lady caught my eye.  The gems are so pretty and colorful and I think spikes are in on jewelry! If you have my name in an exchange, feel free to get this for me, lol.  You can go to a distributor of A&A like Nordstrom or order on their online site, it will cost you $68. 

iPad case
I love Vera Bradley just as much as the next gal, but their tech accessories go the next mile.  Not much to say about this iPad case other than get it for someone.  It instantly amps up the girlie factor of the iPad and of course it is adding a back to the device to help from getting scratched up.  Many stores sell Vera and there is an online site too.  The case will cost you $48. 

passport cover
Two years ago when I was going on a cruise, I was on the look out for a passport cover.  But after a long search, I did not find a cover that pleased me.  I found one a couple weeks ago at JCrew Factory and thought it would be a great gift for someone who travels.  So if you like it you can visit a Factory store near you or hop to their online site and it will only be $21--watch for sales because they run crazy ones all the time so you may be able to save even more money!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

a peak at my recent fashion…

I thought it was due time for a little fashion post.  I have been posting my #ootd pictures on Instagram pretty much daily these days.  I will link some items if they are still available online for shopping.  Disclaimer: I did not just buy all of these items…they are a mix of super old, old, recent, and gifts! So let's take a journey into my closet…
jcrew and tory burch

 Vest :: JCrew via Ebay, Shirt :: Old Navy, Necklace :: JCrew, Skinny Pants :: Seven, Flats :: Tory Burch, Beaded Bracelet :: Target, Braided Bracelet :: JCrew, Small Beaded Bracelet :: Michael Kors, Watch :: Michael Kors

This vest will be a winter staple, there isn't any doubt about that.  I have been stalking it for MONTHS on Ebay and seeing it in a GAzillion pins on Pinterest didn't help my shopping cart.  However, needless to say, paired with my flowered necklace and a button up…I was pleased with the outfit.
jcrew on the scottish side

 Denim Top :: JCrew, Plaid Skirt :: JCrew, Tights :: Target, Boots :: Franco Sarto, Chain Necklace :: Derng, Jeweled Necklace :: TargetBeaded Bracelet :: TargetSmall Beaded Bracelet :: Michael Kors, Watch :: Michael Kors

I kept getting asked if I was Scottish when I wore this outfit.  But I have to tell you, I loved it.  I have bought at least four different denim shirts in the last two years trying to find the best fit and one that was truly one I loved.  Well, I have finally, finally it.  JCrew Factory had this one 30% over Veteran's Day and I got an extra 30% at checkout!  The tights are on sale right now two for $8--so if you are into color tights for skirts and dresses, head to Target!

leopard, sequins, and leather

Sweater :: Kohl's, Pants :: Kohl's, Necklace :: Jewel Kade

My favorite part of this outfit was the pants.  They are trimmed in leather on the sides and the waistband.  I couldn't find them online but I know they are still at Kohl's, brand APT9.  The sweater is super comfy which I love because usually crew sweaters make me look like SpongeBob Square Pants.  But this one was flattering and I appreciated that.  I loved the outfit and think it will be on repeat for this winter!

pleated poppy

Monday, November 18, 2013

Selfie Saturday

and the rest of my weekend… 

Friday night was spent at the football field again!  I did get a new hoodie to wear to support the school, and it was glittery which is a bonus.

Saturday morning I woke up with a massive headache which lead me to be lazy and to spend too much time on Pinterest and with my DVR.  I was really pleased with Grey's Anatomy this week and OMG was Scandal ah-mazing or what? Woah! Once noon rolled around I got moving to get ready for my friend from OU's wedding in Canton.  I love these events because we all get to come together, put on our dancing shoes (or lose our shoes because our feet hurt) and live like it is 2003 all over again!  

Kate, Lori, Emily
Meredith, Kristen, Me

Meredith sent us this picture of us this morning.  This is from Renee's wedding circa 2005 (I think).  We were all a little more tan and little more "fresh" as Kate called it.  While a few of us were not present last night, we still had a great time! Happy wedding Kalli & Doug! :)

My wedding dates :)

Another stop to Target burned a hole in my wallet. I picked up some super cute things like this metallic gold polka dot scarf.  It is sheer, it is light weight, and it is beautiful.  This time last year I got on a kick of the Kate Spade gold polka dotted stuff and that kick has come back again this year.  There is just something about gold, metallic, dots…they just pull me in!

I also grabbed this necklace.  I thought it would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Vegas and of course any other time I want to have a little extra sparkle.  :)
I also picked up some Christmas decor to get me rolling with getting this house in the holiday spirit!  I put a few of the decorations and decided to not get the tree out yet.  I think I will save it for next weekend.  It is such a long job and I kinda felt like being lazy after traveling for the wedding.  
Sami's Shenanigans
Happy release of Catching Fire week! Is anyone else pumped to see it? It was my favorite book of the series so I know I cannot wait! Happy Monday!