Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Makeup/Beauty Haul!

I hope you didn't see the title and think there would be a vlog and if you did and are bummed I apologize.  I HATE my voice when I hear it back so actually filming is not in my repertoire quite yet.  I will never say never, but just not yet.

PS-this is a super long post--but I do think I have found some great products. 
So grab a drink and relax as you read! :)

YouTube has become my second favorite thing, right behind Hulu+ of course.  Religiously I watch videos from Miss Jen FabulousTess Christine 123, and Kate from the Small Things Blog. And after compiling a WISH LIST a mile long, I have splurged in the beauty department!

So I have been way into finding new beauty products that either make me feel better or just enhance my look--either way I have a boatload of things to share with you.  Some have been in my life for a few months now while others have been with me for a week.  But I have had a chance to use everything and I want to give a good review of these products.  I was not paid for this post.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.
Paint Pot-- in painterly

I have seen and heard so many Vloggers and Bloggers talk about the paint pots.  Once I saw Miss Jen use it as a primer for her eye shadow, I knew I had to have it.  And I LOVE IT.  My favorite part is even though it is a creamy texture, it does not stay creamy--I mean it dries so fast and yet still feels great.  I hope that makes sense. It is one of my pet peeves about cream based make up--if it stays creamy on your face, it often feels wet and creases.  This does not. It sets my eyelids for my shadow application and it is the perfect color for both primer and my skin color if I want to wear it alone.   I give this paint pot FIVE stars.  You can buy it here!

Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in blushing bride

My recent makeup love affair is with tarte products.  Have you used any? I am about to introduce you to four of my new favorites.  Starting with the Amazonian Clay blush.  Blushing bride is a plumy rose color with speckles of gold glitter (which provides the perfect pink cheek with that sparkle).  One of the things I love about this blush is how little you need to use to get the pigment present on your cheeks. I seriously only tap my brush into the palette and it applies--well simply amazingly.  A Sephora employee suggested Blushing bride to me and I am very grateful.  Again FIVE stars.  You can buy it here!

amazonian clay 12 hour full coverage foundation with SPF 15 in medium
 maracuja creaseless concealer in medium
 matte waterproof bronzer in park avenue princess matte

This foundation is long lasting, light on your skin, applies smoothly, covers fully, and matches my skin color perfectly (at least Jacque told me so, read here if you need to know who Jacque is). Again a little bit of foundation goes a long way.  I have been a little snobby about this foundation since I bought it, only using it on the weekends and not when I go to work.  I am sure this habit will change, but for now I am savoring it.

I do not know about you...but my skin is dry, red, and I battle the darkest black circles. The tarte concealer has been working wonders for me in all three departments.  One problem I have had in the past with concealer is that it would become flaky instead of covering and absorbing.  This concealer does its job.  I leave for work at 6:45am and when I come home at 3pm my circles are still hidden. Score for me!

I wear bronzer all year round, more heavily in my non tan seasons (aka now)!  The Park Avenue is a perfect color that can be layered to become darker.  I apply this in the 3-B motion on both sides of my face and it gives my face a touch of the sun while contouring it at the same time.  Again huge fan.  Jacque also taught me a trick of the trade of how to apply this to your eyelids so it just looks like you are fresh off the beach.  I really should send Jacque a thank you note. I think I heart him. Wait I know I do.

The foundation, concealer, and bronzer all get FIVE stars! You can buy the foundation here, concealer here, and bronzer here.

Pro Foundation Brush #47
Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner

From applying foundation with a cosmetic sponge, to the beauty blender, to my fingers, to subpar brushes...I have FINALLY been introduced to an all-star foundation brush.  Yes it is a tad pricey--and I will be treating it like gold, however, it seriously changes the way the foundation covers and appears.  Foundation application used to be messy and not something that I looked forward to--but now it is as simple as 1 2 3 and I really believe it just looks nice.  Nice probably isn't the best word, but it is all I have for now.  It is made with synthetic fibers so it doesn't absorb oils or bacteria, which makes the brush super hygienic! Bonus!  The daily cleanser is just to maintain the amount of foundation that is left on the brush that I do not use.  Both products get FIVE stars from me! You can buy the brush here and the cleanser here.
blush brush

The last time I was in Sephora, the girl helping us showed us a new (or new to me) technique with how to apply blush in two different locations (apples of your cheeks and below the cheekbone).  When she did this, she did not use a full, fluffy brush.  She used a brush that was more flat in the area of the bristles.  I wanted to get the one she used on us, but it was almost $40.  So I had to decide on that or the foundation brush (for the time being).  I decided on the foundation brush so I hopped over to Target to the e.l.f. section and found a similar brush for $3.  Now it may not be as "good" or hygienic but for now it is working.  The more pricey brush is in my future, just not right now.  I give this brush THREE stars.  You can buy it here.

Sonia Kashuk
Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette

TessChristine123 showed this palette off in one of her tutorials as a palette to use for covering up blemishes.  She showed how to combine 1-2 colors to match your skin and the severity of the acne, scar, etc.  I have been using this kit for the last week every day because I after I bragged on here about only getting one zit a month, my face has been over come with FIVE! This palette works and I like how you can pick and choose between the four color choices.  I give this palette FOUR stars.  You can buy it here.

e.l.f. and Sonia Kashuk
High Definition Powder and Kabuki Brush

Shanna from Because Shanna Said So raved about this powder a few weeks ago.  I decided with the awesome price tag of $6 I would give it a shot.  I wanted to get the e.l.f. kabuki brush too, but they were sold out so I splurged on the Sonia Kashuk one instead.  Now I haven't used a high def powder before and I am not totally sure I am using it correctly.  But with that being said, I do notice a difference on the days that I remember to wear the powder and the days I do not.  I have been using it to set my foundation and concealer before moving on the addition of color.  Am I doing that right?  The brush feels so soft.  Sometimes I even use a few extra motions to keep feeling the softness.  When I use it I notice that my makeup's finish lasts longer, which I do appreciate.  The powder is a tad messy though, so I am sure a lot of them are.  I give the powder THREE AND A HALF stars and the brush gets FIVE stars.  You can buy the powder here and the brush here.

yes to blueberries, young blood, thebalm
eye firming treatment, mineral primer, balm
All three of these products made their way into my life through samples.  Yes to Blueberries was introduced to me by Birchbox (back when they treated me well and I didn't quit!).  I absolutely love their products.  I use the Blueberries because I am worried about age lines as I get older.  I use the face cleansing wipes and this cream for eye firming.  They smell amazing and I definitely recommend them. Young Blood came to me in a gift from my secret pal at work.  I have no clue where they got it, but I am glad they gifted it to me.  I have tried about 5 different primers and this one is BY far my favorite.  It seriously feels like the equivalent to rubbing a baby's bottom on your face.  Because the main source of materials are vitamins and minerals, it rubs on smoothly and lasts all day.  Not to mention it is hydrating your skin and enhancing your glow.  I use this every day and am a huge fan.  I am only about 1/4 of the way through the bottle after about two months!  But when the sample runs out, I will be buying the full sized bottle.  The Hot Mama balm also came my way via Birchbox.  It actually came in the late summer months and I shoved it off like it is wasn't important.  During my search for a new blush, I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did.  If I want a more sun kissed pink glow on my cheeks, Hot Mama is the way to go!  All three of these products get FIVE stars.  You can buy the cream here, primer here, and balm here.

urban decay
Naked II palette
I know I am late to this party but I got this palette for Christmas this year.  I love it and do not know how I was doing my eye make up without it.  I am still learning a lot with eye shadow.  I would say this is where my weakness lies.  My eyes are small and my lower lids and upper lids are basically one, so most times you cannot even tell I have done anything to my eyes when a) my eyes are open and b) when I smile.  Despite that, I am loving the colors.  I found this pin the other night that walked you through a technique.
I have not tried this yet. But I think I will give it a try.  My eyes are like half the size of this lovely lady though.  But it is worth a shot at least.  Miss Jen Fabulous mentioned in a video that Sigma has a great performance eye brush kit for ladies who want to do more intricate work on their eyes.  But I am thinking it might work out for me because of my small lids. I will have to research that soon! The palette gets FOUR stars and you can buy it here.

container store
Large Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Lastly, I leave you with a superb make up organizer if you are in the hunt for one.  This large organizer costs $35 and really does hold a lot.  I have actually filled it even more by now, but I wanted to show you the new things inside of it.  I have seen so many bloggers talk about acrylic make up organization from Amazon and when I checked them out, I was not willing to spend $150+ dollars.  The Container Store had this and I love it.  You can get it here.

If you have hung in there until the end...THANK YOU.  Turns out filming a vlog would have taken less time.  Believe it or not it took 3 nights to write this post. Phew!  I hope you liked it.  If you try out any of the products let me know! :) I would love to hear what you have to say.  Thank you to all of you who post reviews on what you use. It is the best way to arm myself when walking in Sephora or Ulta!


  1. Great post!!! I got the ELF High Def powder too and yes it is super messy!!! I feel like I spill about as much as I use each day...oops!!!

  2. I have the Naked 2 and the HD powder. I had been using the Make-Up Forever HD powder and it's around 4-5 times the price of e.l.f. so I was happy to try it. I actually like it more. It is messy, but I think I have mastered the art of not spilling it every where. I tend to run on the oily side so it helps me tremendously. Oh and the Naked 2 is just awesome. I bought it before my sister's wedding. The excuse being we could all use it when we get ready. My sister and I used it so I guess it was worth it!