Thursday, January 30, 2014

Spruce Up Your Desk!

I have been working on perfecting this space since October! And I am finally ready to share it with you all and thought what a perfect way--H54F!!  I am in absolute love with my new spruced up desk space.  So it has made my week--since because of the Polar Vortex and six inches of snow I haven't worked much this week!  I highly encourage you all do spruce up where you blog too, let me tell you I sit here on my computer SO much more now because of my beautiful surroundings.  

Let's start from the beginning... my desk space used to look like this.  DRAB. 

So I knew I wanted to spruce it up and naturally went to Pinterest for some ideas.  My brain was on overdrive which is how I work best.  I cannot have a concrete plan because the best products come from my brain when I am sporadic--to an extent.  So I turned to some of my favorite Etsy shops and even found a few new favorite shops to buy a bunch of things that I would eventually put towards my desk space.    I will show you a lot of photos so you can see it all and then I will give you the low down of where I shopped!

So let's talk where to shop! I hope you check out these shops--they truly offer unique products and who doesn't like to support small businesses!  

I have raved on and on about Studio Mucci before here.  This tassel garland is called the Mini Golden Grey and it is perfect.  I set my ideas around decorating with this garland, just like I did with my bedding.  So it set the tone with gold, peach, shades of white, grey, and I decided to throw in pops of aqua.  

WFT is such a beautiful and unique shop.  I discovered them through Aubrey Kinch from The Kinch Life and I am so happy that I did because bringing in the mini Alfred into my life and my desk space was such a great decision.  Here is an example of the mini Alfred which is similar to mine.  Mine just has solid gold glitter antlers.  Little ole Alfred is actually my favorite piece on my wall and I hope to buy something else from WFT again someday when I am sprucing up another space.

three and four:  Pearls and Pastries 
All of the prints and sequin hangers come from Pearls and Pastries and are made by Miss Lauren.  To say I am obsessed with her shop is an understatement. The small sequin hangers are actually ornaments and so when I took down my Christmas tree, on my wall they went!  I ordered five prints to go on the wall and one photo frame.  Her print collection grows almost daily and she often has sales, so check her out for sure

*just to let you know the frames are from the dollar store and I just painted them with different paints from Hob Lob!*

five: Cuptakes
Cuptakes is not an Etsy store, rather than an app on iTunes.  Each month they release new backgrounds for your computer and phone.  This background came with the January update and I thought was a perfect match with my color palette.  It is gold and it is glitter. Yes and yes.

Unfortunately Tilly Maison has closed down for the time being.  Luckily for me, I was able to grab on of her lucite trays.  The tray was bought to be a home for my keyboard when I am not using it.  You know to be pretty on display.  But in reality, it has become a catch all for things in my pockets, cords, business cards, and even my tweezers!  Either way, it is a blush color with metallic gold polka dots so it fits the scene perfectly whether it is just for prettiness or for pretend organization.

seven: Threshold
This is actually a hurricane candle holder from Target.  However, I liked the size and the gold appeal that I am using it as my pen/pencil/scissors/cords container.  It is not online anymore but here are some similar products by Threshold.

Well that is it! There are a few other things sitting on my desk that I didn't talk about and if you want to know where any of them came from, do ask!  I will be happy to tell you.  What did you think?  The space really has changed my attitude towards sitting down and blogging.  I just look around and feel happier.  


  1. LOVE this space!! I am in the middle of re-doing my "office" and I am thinking gold accents as well :)